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Endless Fun! Kid’s indoor playground and party Center is an unsupervised play Center. Parents/guardian must supervise their child/children at all time; we are not responsible for your children's safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate use of the equipment.

• Adults and toddlers are NOT permitted on the big slides.

• Children under the age of 4 are often too small to use the entire climbing structure. Please supervise your younger children to ensure they stick to the areas appropriate for their size.

• Socks are mandatory for adults and children. No shoes or bare feet are allowed in the play area. You may purchase socks at reception if necessary.

• Improper use of equipment or rough play will result in your child's immediate removal from the play area.

• We are a nut-aware environment. No peanuts or nut products are allowed on the premises. Even though we are a nut-aware facility, we do not guarantee to be peanut or nut free. 

• No toys are allowed on the climbing structure.

• No climbing on the outside of the structure. Children must go down the slides feet first.

• No drinking, eating or gum chewing in the play area. No outdoor food or drink allowed. Food must remain in the main eating area. No in and out privileges.

• No sharp objects/ knives are allowed in the facility. We kindly ask you to use plastic utensils.

• Please refrain from bringing any glass containers into our facility, which could result in injury to any of the children.

• No running and/or horseplay in the facility.

• No walking up slides or coming down in any manner, aside from their intended use.

• All children must use toboggan sliders to come down toboggan slide, which must be assisted and supervised by parent/guardian, no walking up toboggan slide or sliding down any other way than intended use.

• Please ensure you and your child is free of illness before visiting us.


• All children must be supervised by a parent/guardian above 18 years of age.

• Please use hand sanitizer before entering the play area. Dispensers are located throughout the facility.

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