Date of Birth

Note: If any of the above information changes, please notify the Endless Fun office immediately.


List two emergency contacts other than listed above: ( note if this person is coming for pickup,photo ID must be provided otherwise child will not be sent home with them.

1st Contact Person

2nd Contact Person

Medical Problems/Allergies

 EpiPen Provided:


Dietary Restrictions

Inhaler Provided:

Please note no prescription medication will be allowed, if child is sick please do not admit to program.


If child shows any symptoms of illness, parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up child from Endless Fun and child will not be allowed to participate in activities planned for the day.   

Summer Day Camp Rules

  • Snacks will be provided, must bring lunch.

  • Hours of operation are from 9 am – 4 pm (strict closure),  Monday through Friday (other than holidays). • Parents must pick their child up by    4 pm or a late fee of $12.50 will be charged on the credit card starting at 4 pm for each 15mints.    

  • Please remember that the Endless Fun Day Camp is not a babysitting/child care service.  Children are expected to interact with other children.  Children are also expected to participate in all activities as instructed by the Endless Fun staff.

  • Failure to follow the rules can result in your child being expelled from the Summer Day Camp.

  • If a child is expelled from the Day Camp, there will be no refund of the registration fee.

  • Disrespect of the Endless Fun staff, refusal to follow instructions, fighting, bullying of any type, are grounds for immediate dismissal.

  • The entire registration fee is due prior to the child attending the program.  There is no refund for early withdrawal from the program.


Hold Harmless Release 

I hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the Endless Fun Inc., its directors, officers, organizers, sponsors, supervisory staff, participants, and any other affiliates; for, from, and against all liability because of any bodily injury, or property damage, known or unknown, which may occur or result from the participation of the named child in any and all activities whether the result of ordinary negligence or for any other cause of Endless Fun Inc. I individually, and as a parent/guardian for my child, have read this release and understood all the terms.  I consent to the reproduction, use, and distribution of pictures, videos and sound for promotion and advertising to be used in electronic, print and Internet media. This release is valid for all days the child is present for Day Camp at Endless Fun Inc.

Play Rules/Waiver


Program starting on Mondays (other than holidays)

Start Date

End Date

Payment e-transfer to:

In the message section, include your name, child's name and starting date.

Enrollment will be confirmed via email once payment received and spot available. If no spot is available a full refund will be given via e-transfer.

Signature: Parent/ Guardian


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